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A 90-Day Transformational Journey
To Your Success, Impact & Income 

I will  guide you

from exhaustion to energy,

from confusion to clarity,

from self-doubt to confidence!

  • Do you find yourself nearing burnout?

  • Are you ambitious but not where you'd like to be yet?

  • Do you have a great idea for a dream job or a business, but fear of failure is preventing you from taking bold action?

  • Do you feel like all the to-do-lists and responsibilities of life & work are weighing you down?

  • Do you often wake up exhausted & struggle to find the time for what brings you joy?

  • Do you fear you're missing out on the life you were really meant to live?


Wouldn't it be amazing if what you spend most of your waking hours doing, was a perfect expression of your talent, full potential and purpose?

Imagine yourself rising each morning smiling. You jump out of bed, eager to start the day. You beam with an awe-inspiring feeling, that you are exactly where you need to be, doing what you were meant to do. 

Your income allows you to live your life to the fullest, at the standard you have always dreamed of, and what's more - you finally have the time and energy to enjoy it!

Picture yourself living a life, where your talents and expertise are truly valued, your time & boundaries respected. And because you feel fulfilled and empowered, you radiate love to those you care about, and are fully present, even at the end of the day.

Could this be you? ...Wait, you don't have to imagine it. This life is within your reach and much closer than you think! 


I’m Natalia and I'm here

to take you from exhaustion,

confusion and self-doubt,

to energy, clarity & confidence.


I help business leaders like you step into their power, so that they can enjoy a life with purpose and thrive in a career with impact, integrity and excitement.


I have a decade of experience in coaching & leadership development for top global business schools, such as London Business School and IESE.


I’m also a certified energy practitioner, yoga & meditation teacher and a yoga studio owner. I know first-hand the highs & lows of the corporate world, and what it takes to leap into making your dream a reality.


I focus on a holistic approach, integrating mindset & leadership coaching, business acumen and energy work.

As your coach, guide and mentor, I tailor this tried-and-tested method to your needs and goals. I am fully committed to support you on your transformation to new levels of wellbeing, satisfaction and extraordinary success



Sharon Thompson-Tan 
Director of Besonder Consulting

I highly recommend Natalia's coaching for anyone who is serious about their own wellbeing. Every session with Natalia is uplifting and leads me to feeling whole & complete.  

Natalia has not only supported me to ground physically and mentally, she has also helped me heal emotionally and spiritually.  Her intuition is extraordinary; her wisdom and coaching insight exceptional. This has made a profound impact on my own journey, of finding courage to make crucial life decisions, and the compassion to embrace myself.


After her RISE coaching experience with Natalia, Sharon left a global corporation, founded her own consulting business, and successfully co-created a female community for organisational development & consulting executives, which has been a dream of hers for years.

Where could you be at the end of the 90 days ?

​​Where could you be in 90 days? 

As a result of your RISE private coaching journey with Natalia you will:

  • know your worth and convey it convincingly to secure your next promotion and pay rise

  • gain confidence to make bold decisions with ease, in alignment with your values and goals

  • have the courage to leave a work environment that doesn't serve you 

  • implement a clear action plan to secure your dream role or start a new venture

  • feel happier, more fulfilled and in integrity

  • get up feeling more optimistic and energetic

  • remain calm and resilient under pressure


Our journey together will likely include: 

1. Getting crystal clear on how to get your dream job

2. Increasing  your self-confidence and clearing limiting beliefs around self-esteem 

3. Helping you define and set powerful boundaries so that you have more time & energy for things you actually want to do, without guilt!

4. Teaching you how to transform your habits to increase your energy level, focus and resilience

5. Increasing your self-worth and overcoming fear of visibility, so that you can negotiate and secure a promotion and/or a pay rise 


In exchange for helping you achieve this incredible transformation, the fee is just £2497 for 90 days of personalised RISE coaching journey with outstanding value and support (payment plans available).

Private coaching with Natalia is for you if you are: 

  • ready to invest in yourself 

  • willing to change, take action and responsibility your life

  • willing to be held accountable

  • committed to your exponential growth, expansion and success

What happens if you don't listen to your urge to change?

  • your burn out is much more likely to get worse

  • you may struggle with missing out on your desired career opportunity or promotion

  • that dreaded feeling of overwhelm will hold you even tighter in its grasp, with adverse effects on your health and personal life

  • you may blame yourself, or everyone else around you, for your lack of job satisfaction 

...And what happens if you do?

  • you step into your full potential and increase your income, impact and influence

  • you gain the confidence to make courageous decisions that will upgrade your life

  • you gain clarity, energy and focus to live your purpose and inspire others

  • you take inspired action, are held accountable and make your vision a reality!


Amel testimoinial.jpg

Amel Barbot
Investment Banking

I am so glad I followed my instinct and embarked on the RISE private coaching journey with Natalia. From the very first session, she supported me like nobody else has ever done before. Natalia has guided me to a path that brought me wellbeing, calm and happiness.

Thanks to Natalia, I've made huge progress in self-acceptance and setting boundaries. I used to be a people-pleaser, even if it wasn't serving my wellbeing. I now feel empowered to act so that people I interact with respect me, and my boundaries. 

As I was battling loneliness, physical and psychological pain, Natalia provided me with many useful tools to ground myself and gather my vital energy to face professional and personal challenges.

I learned to accept myself and speak with confidence about my feelings and needs. For the first time in my life, I feel I am enough and I attract good relationships (new job, new right-type of men - which I didn't even expect!). If you are lucky to be coached by Natalia, you will experience the bliss of her bringing the best out of you


Since completing her RISE journey, Amel left her high-pressured job in Frankfurt and found a better-paid role in her industry, where she is closer to her family & friends, and enjoys life-work balance. Her health and personal life have also greatly improved as a result of these powerful decisions.

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