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What parts of your story do you find hard to share?

What hidden heartaches and anxieties whisper an invitation for your growth? 

What experiences make you people-please and fear of being rejected? 

You don't have to face it all alone.

​Our inner wounds can take many forms. Some are easy to recognize, while others we've been carrying around for so long that they've become a part our identity. We just try to get on with our lives the best way we know how. In doing so, we forget that stored trauma dictates our future choices. It makes us feel small & act out of fear of repeating that painful experience. Trauma prevents us from experiencing life fully, from feeling empowered and from daring to live the life we deserve and have envisioned for ourselves.


When unresolved, trauma prevents you from truly serving your purpose.

Empowered Life Through Healing Mantras  is a 5-week transformative coaching programme. You enter a space where you are safe and supported to heal and release some of your rawest experiences and connect to your deepest joy and sustainable peace.

This is an exclusive healing & coaching journey where you draw strength, not sorrow, from your past and step into your most empowered and abundant self.

Together, we transform that well of grief into a fountain of joy!  

This programme is perfect for you if: 

  • You often feel stuck in the same patterns of negative thinking but are unsure how to transcend them

  • You are afraid to trust yourself and others again because of previous disappointments

  • You find it hard to receive more money, love or support because deep down you doubt whether you deserve them

  • You are a support system for many people but struggle to priroritise your own needs

  • You sometimes feel like an impostor, even if logically you know you have worked hard to get where you are

This comprehensive course draws from Hindu, Sikh and Tibetan traditions and is a result of over 20 years of my Indian studies, numerous research  trips, spiritual practice and coaching experience. This unique journey combines mantra practice, energy & healing work, transformative coaching, inner reflection and mindset work - all geared towards your success, confidence and joy!

It is a powerful experience that arose from the depths of my own healing;  my heartfelt offering to you, to enable your healing and empowerment.

Clients who have joined me on this journey in previous editions have integrated their trauma of miscarriage, manifested their dream home, left an abusive relationship and felt empowered to support other abused women, became financially independent and left a job that made them feel exhausted..each healing story is unique.

I honour and hold space for each and every one of you. 

What's in the programme?

  • The first module takes you deep into your healing, gently facing your physical, emotional and mental wounds to then consciously integrate them and let them go.

  • The second module shows you how to welcome more abundance into your life, learn how to receive more and expand your financial blueprint.

  • The third module encourages you to step into your full power and show up for your highest self. Here we focus on releasing inner doubts and guilt. 

  • The fourth module brings you back into balance, inviting you on a path to deep self-love, paving the way for harmonious relationships with others.

  • The fifth module is the time to integrate and consolidate all the learning & healing and celebrate your accomplishements

Each module is accompanied by a powerful live coaching session where we chant specific mantras together and you receive tailored energy clearing and healing to step into your most powerful self. In each module we focus on a clear theme to transcend your limiting beliefs in the areas of healing, abundance, spiritual growth, self-worth and love. You will come out fully equipped with an arsenal of practical tools for many life's challenges to use for the rest of your life, not just during this programme.

Are you ready to become grounded, confident and joyful and with much stronger, healthier boundaries?

If you want to transform your life and expand into your highest self, join me on this beautiful and uplfiting journey today! 

The doors to the programme are now closed but contact me to apply for the next edition.


What you receive:


  • 5 Powerful Live Coaching & Healing Sessions with mantra practice, energy healing and tailored coaching to support your transformation in the areas of healing, abundance, confidence and relationships

  • An Exclusive Learning and Healing Environment: this programmer offers you a safe healing space for your transformation and empowerment

  • Live Monthly Chanting Sessions with Natalia in a dedicated Facebook group 

  • 12 Mantra Empowering Video Lectures with practical & cultural insights for you to tap into the power of mantras from day 1!

  • 12 Mantra Chanting Videos, so that you can embrace the magic of mantras, see the immediate effects they have on your body and wellbeing and really enjoy the process!

  • 12 Transformative Workbooks with tailored coaching exercises to let go off limiting beliefs and access abundance, peace, confidence and loving relationships

  • Mantra Chanting Calendar & Checklist to stay on track & celebrate your progress and success 

  • Affirmations For Each Module to support you and nourish your positive mindset 

Plus, The Awesome Bonus Stack!

  • BONUS 1: Mantra for Peace & Anxiety

  • BONUS 2: Mantra For Overcoming Difficult Situations

  • BONUS 3: Ongoing Support in Between Coaching Sessions via dedicated Facebook Group 

  • BONUS 4: Special Discount Code for Mala - Meditation Beads 

  • BONUS 5: Access to a dedicated, supportive Facebook group


Why Mantras? My Story....

Twelve years ago, when I was on my post-grad research in South India, I found myself on the brink of divorce and my husband left India. A week later, I ended up in an ER clinic in Chennai, alone and in excruciating pain. I was told that I needed an immediate surgery as there was a high chance, I’d lose my ovary. I felt so scared, with both my body and my life out of control.

My first marriage didn’t survive but my ovary did. I was really weak and couldn’t walk on my own after the surgery. There was no chance of me getting on a yoga mat, let alone a plane! So, it was in India, where I committed to my physical and emotional healing. Mantras became my lifesaver, teaching me how to ground and embrace my own vulnerability. This was new! I had to allow the process to happen but consciously commit to the practice. My body healed at almost miraculous speed with daily chanting!

Mantra practice stilled my restless mind, opened my heart to forgiveness and allowed me to express sadness unashamedly. Through that unprecedented release, I was able to connect to the joy in life again & appreciate that yes, I have done enough. And heal. And feel empowered again.

Mantras have been my daily companions ever since; they have literally changed my life. If you are ready to open your heart & mind, and commit to this course, they can change yours too!

Client Testimonials


When I joined Natalia's Healing Mantras course, my husband and I were looking for our dream home but it was impossible to find anything that suited both our family's needs and our budget! I felt really anxious and overwhelmed at the time.

I started chanting abundance mantras daily, in the coaching session with Natalia we focused on increasing my ability to receive incredible thing happened just two weeks later!  A lady who saw our old house that we'd put up for sale, said she was looking to sell her bigger house, just up the road. We went to see it and absolutely fell in love with it! Not only was it the right size but it was the right price, in our favourite neighbourhood, beautiful.. our dream home came to us! As it was a direct exchange, it was the quickest and easiest sale ever.


Healing Mantras and Natalia's support were crucial in changing my mindset and achieving my dream home. This programme is amazing value, I have gotten so much out of it! 


I have been using mantras and Natalia's insight on many occasions since and it always accelerates my healing and growth so that I feel empowered to achieve what I desire.

-Vicky Garbett,

Culinary Medicine Chef

Natalia's course has been amazing and has helped me so muchNatalia is so generous with her knowledge and effective in helping you heal.
After chanting the healing mantra from the course, I feel this new surge energy going through my whole body and a deep sense of healing and calm. Peace mantra has really helped me calm down and ground during the difficult period of separating from my daughter's dad. 
I have also done my one-to-one session with Natalia and it was pivotal in my personal development and healing. I have felt immense trust and protection in the session. She guided me through a tailored meditation to release all the abuse and trauma I'd experienced. It helped me let go of the past and reassert my new boundaries. For the first time in my life like I am the master of my own energy and can set clear limits with others, without guilt.

- Natacha Parmentier, 
  Confidence Coach


 Experience transformative coaching to access your healing & abundance.

Step into your most powerful and joyful self.

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