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Sun, 24 May


Online Workshop

Empowering Your Life Through Healing Mantras

This two-hour practical online workshop is ideal for yoga practitioners, teachers and anyone wanting to deepen their learning and incorporate mantras into their practice. This is a time for you to connect to the space of your own heart whilst benefiting from the empowering beauty of group chanting.

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Empowering Your Life Through Healing Mantras
Empowering Your Life Through Healing Mantras

Time & Location

24 May 2020, 09:00 – 11:00 BST

Online Workshop


About the Masterclass

‘The wound is the place where light enters you.’ 

In chanting we don’t have to hide away from fear or discomfort, instead, we can offer it as fuel for personal growth. With each mantra repetition, we come closer to the love we have been seeking – only to find that it has always been here, deep within us. Mantra can help you feel more peaceful or more energised. It can help you cope with illness and it can support the process of physical and mental healing.

Chanting is not about singing in perfect pitch but about connecting to your inner-self and unburdening the heart. A lot of the feelings you have stuffed down might come up to the surface. The aim of chanting is to let go and release the pain into the sound – and oh my, it feels good! The music becomes a refuge for your restless mind and your heart rejoices. Chanting mantras is also a powerful meditation method. It is ideal if you struggle to sit still in silence but would like to learn a simple technique to help you stay deeply focused.  

What will I learn? What will I know by the end of this two-hour workshop?

  • During this uplifting workshop you will learn about the origins of mantras in their ritual context, and experience first-hand their deeply healing vibrations. 
  • You will learn how chanting mantras corresponds to the chakra system in our subtle body and to the concept of karma. 
  • We will open gently by chanting simple one-syllable (bija) mantras and then dive heart-deep into some of the most powerful mantras which have been sung for millennia, such as Gayatri, Lokah Samastah and Om Gam Ganapataye Namah. We will also experiment with some more esoteric mantras from Indian and Tibetan traditions.
  • Once we truly understand and incorporate something, it stays in our heart. You will learn the literal and metaphorical meaning to support your intellectual grasp of every mantra. You will then learn simple yet captivating melodies and chanting techniques to memorise each mantra.
  • You will learn about masculine and feminine vibrations of specific mantras and which mantras best support a particular purpose (i.e. healing, success, overcoming obstacles).
  • You will learn how to incorporate mantra into your morning/evening ritual or spiritual practice (sadhana). By the end of the workshop you will have a range of mantras to choose from, to test and see which one best supports your practice.
  • We will also discuss how to gently and effectively introduce mantras into your classes, if you are teacher or a healer. You will learn which mantras can set a soothing or energising theme of your class and support your existing class structure. Timely introduction of mantras in your classes will allow your students to connect to themselves and access the healing aspect of their practice on a deeper level. 


  • Mantras Workshop Ticket

    You will also receive a handout with all the mantras we will cover prior to the workshop start, and a workshop summary notes afterwards.




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