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Tue, 03 May


Online Masterclass (Zoom)

Free Yourself From People-Pleasing Masterclass

Reclaim your time & energy to go after what you really desire, find freedom in saying NO, and enjoy healthier & happier relationships! Replay of this free event will be available for those who register prior.

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Free Yourself From People-Pleasing Masterclass
Free Yourself From People-Pleasing Masterclass

Time & Location

03 May 2022, 12:30 – 13:30 BST

Online Masterclass (Zoom)


About the Masterclass

  • Are you feeling drained from trying to please everyone around you?
  • Do you often lend a hand in new projects, even though your plate is already full?
  • Is saying NO difficult for you? Or when you manage to say NO, do you feel guilty afterwards?
  • Or, do you say YES out of obligation, and then feel quietly resentful?
  • Do you prefer to grind your teeth rather than make others uncomfortable by voicing your concerns?

Chances are, if you are like many of my clients, you are an incredibly kind, dependable person who loves helping people and just hates to disappoint.

And if you’re being really honest…deep inside you fear rejection or disapproval from people close to you. You worry that strong boundaries could separate you from the people you care about, and what you value most are your relationships.

I totally get it. I used to always make sure everyone else was okay, before myself. Then I wondered why people close to me wouldn't do the same thing in return, leaving me depleted. As second eldest out of five siblings I was expected to care for others. Over time, this ‘’saving quality’’ became an integral part of identity I was afraid of losing. At work, I worked over-time, trying to please my boss and clients and meet their expectations, at the price of my health, rest and mental well-being.

In reality…

I kept trying to please others in the hope of receiving their acceptance, love and approval because…I didn’t know how to give it to myself!

I kept people-pleasing because I feared that if I didn’t, my partner would find me too demanding and leave me, or that I would face criticism from colleagues at work, whose approval meant the world to me.

And harder still…

I didn’t really know what my boundaries were! Not until someone had crossed them … and I’d feel resentful but wouldn’t have the guts to tell them afterwards. Or, I would blow up in their face and then feel stupid for having made a scene. Does this sound familiar?

But the truth is …

healthy boundaries are a pillar of any happy relationship, whether it’s romantic, personal or professional. It’s the boundaries that allow us for more respect, trust and growth within a relationship, also with ourselves.

They allow us to be unapologetically ourselves.

Understanding our reasons behind people-pleasing and picking up effective strategies to move away from this behaviour at work and at home, are gamechangers that can completely transform your life, free you from guilt and resentment, and give you time & energy back. 

And this exactly what we are going to focus on in this powerful masterclass!

Through the last 20 years of my experience as a teacher, coach and mentor, I have completely changed my approach to boundaries. As I let go of people-pleasing, almost miraculously my relationships with clients, my husband, parents and friends became more joyful and authentic.  I feared separation but in fact, I was able to get closer.

My whole life feels more aligned and truthful...and simply I have more energy to live it & enjoy it! 

This has also extended to my professional life, where I now run my own business and can choose my clients and my priorities. This was only possible because I stopped people-pleasing and went after what I actually wanted! 

And so can you! 

Sign up for the masterclass now so that you can: 

- reclaim your personal time and space to go after what you really desire

- find freedom, and dare I say pleasure, in saying NO

- enjoy more fulfilling professional and personal relationships!

Live Masterclass takes place via Zoom on Tuesday, May 3rd at 12:30 PM British Summer Time.

( That's 1:30 PM in mainland Europe)

Replay will be available for those who register for the event prior. 

I do highly encourage you to attend the live session as there will be opportunities for Q&A and perhaps, even a surprise giveaway.

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