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 Transformative Healing Sessions

  • Do you often feel like you're not enough? Not good enough? Not doing enough? 

  • Have you spent a lot of your time and energy trying to recover from emotional or physical trauma?

  • Are you struggling with anxiety and stress and your body is paying the price?

  • Are there past events, such as abuse or loss, making you feel stuck?

  • Do you tend to people-please and have difficulty setting healthy boundaries in your professional or personal life?

If you've said YES  to any of the above then private healing sessions can be the ideal solution for you.

You will release that deeply embedded sense of inadequacy, trauma and fear and step into your most authentic, confident self. Yourself which accepts the past, embraces the present and is ready to claim an amazing future!

Our sessions will leave you feeling grounded and at peace with yourself.

Contact me for a free discovery call, or book your session here. 


I use mindset coaching, mantra work, energy healing, reiki and +20 years of yoga experience to enable your transformation and empowerment.

This holistic method allows for an individually tailored approach, suited to your needs and adjusted along your healing journey.

Together, we heal the relationship with your body and mind and bring joy back into your life. We also work on setting healthy boundaries at home and at work, so that you can prioritise your own wellbeing and free yourself from depending on others for their acceptance.

I hold space for you and treasure your privacy so that you feel completely safe and supported. In our sessions you have the full permission to be vulnerable to access your healing, transformation and happiness. 

We let go of that old trauma that has previously defined and limited you, once and for all.

I also have over a decade of experience in leadership development for top-business school globally, such as London Business School and IESE. This means that in addition to my vast healing toolkit, I have solid coaching and leadership skills to support you in your personal transformation, goal setting and shifting negative thinking patterns and habits into a new, positive and empowered way of living.

Why work with me?

Begin Your Healing Journey Now 



I am so glad and grateful I followed my instinct and started healing, yoga & mantra therapy with Natalia. From the very first session, she supported me like nobody else has ever done before.

No judgement - only compassion and tools to make me feel better. I can honestly say that I felt so supported, it was like having a guardian angel, a true friend. 

Natalia has guided me to a path that brought me wellbeing, calm and happiness. Thanks to her I've made huge progress in self- acceptance and setting boundaries. I used to always be a people -pleaser, even if it wasn't serving my wellbeing. 


Thanks to Natalia's help, I now feel empowered to act so that people I interact with (friends, family, work) respect me and my boundaries. Natalia has the amazing ability to revive your inner positive energy.

As I was battling loneliness, physical and psychological pain, Natalia provided me with many useful tools to ground myself and gather my vital energy to face all the challenges. I learned to accept myself and speak with confidence about my feelings and needs. For the first time in my life I feel I am enough and I attract good relationships (new job, new right-type of men..) 

If you are lucky to be coached by Natalia you will experience the bliss of trusting the Universe to have your back and bring the best to you! "

Amel Barbot

Investment Banking


I highly recommend Natalia's coaching for anyone who is serious about their own well-being.  As a leadership & organization development practitioner, being centered and grounded is pivotal to our work during this very challenging period. We may have the skills & experience, but as we support others to navigate change, being grounded ourselves is paramount.  She has been a great teacher who has helped me in personally and professionally. 


Every healing session with Natalia is uplifting and leads me to feeling whole & complete.  

In this period of the Great Resignation, the question of who we are and the meaning of work has become so central. Natalia has not only supported me to ground physically and mentally, she has also helped me to heal emotionally and spiritually.  Her intuition is extraordinary and her wisdom of yoga & healing is exceptional. This has made a profound impact on my own journey in life, of finding courage to make important life decisions and the compassion to embrace myself.


Sharon Thompson-Tan 

OD practitioner

Director & Consultant of Besonder Consulting


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